World Map of Dota2 beta 1.3

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Feb 28, 2012

*Added four heroes: Silencer, Bone Fletcher, Spirit Breaker and Outworld Destroyer

*Added Zoom feature! You can zoom the map by scroll now!

*Watermark removed

*Original image file of World Map is available now

*Added loading screen

*Details optimized, added another continent for future use

*Adjusted some locations according to Mr Marc Laidlaw(Lore writer of Valve):

Underscape and Abysm were moved to Underworld, the end of Nether Reaches

Moved Shadeshore Ruins to shore

Separated Arktura and Jidi Island

Jan 15, 2012

*Mirana's titile fixed, she is Princess of the Moon now

*Pudge's land fixed, now his lore will pop out only when your cursor hovering above Fields of Endless Carnage

*Added Shadow Shaman and Netherdrake to the World Map

*Added a detailed map of Dota2's battlefield, you can view it by clicking the battlefield

*Quit button added to the pop out windows of lores

*Added a secret lore of some mysterious dude in a hidden corner of the map

*You can view the changelog directy on the site now

Download Original image